Healthy Foods and Herbs for your Healing Path

VihreƤ Kahvi
healthy foodEnjoy fresh, real whole foods
This website is about healing with whole foods, foods that are fresh, seasonal, local and organic when possible. I`ll help you add more vegies to your diet!
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Healthy foods are beautiful. It`s a delight to cook with crisp green lettuce, raspberries, peaches, basil, mushrooms and more. Add in herbal teas, farmers markets and sunshine and you have connection to nature and healing.
What if you have food sensitivities? I know the challenge this can bring. You need some options and new ideas.
I offer recipes free of gluten, dairy, and sugar. Most recipes are vegan as well. You can create delicious meals with non gluten grains, healthy oils, herbs and spices, colorful fruits and vegies and more. 
A pure healthy foods diet will help you lose weight, have energy, a stronger immunity and a clear mind. Whole foods support your body, mind and soul.
And when you choose organic or local food, you help to heal the planet.
on this website you will find:
plant based, healthy foods recipes
gluten free, dairy and sugar free recipes
how to create a healthy kitchen
tips for simple and green living
food guides, nutrition notes
news about organics, farmers markets, food pioneers
soul care for your healing
simple herbal healing
superfoods and tonics that build health
May you be inspired with Mother Nature`s gifts,